Senior Account Manager
Client Services
October 2017
Mathisse Johnston

Get to know Mathisse

Can you describe in a few sentences what your job involves?

I would best describe being an account manager as a bridge between the internal team members and clients.

Clients have specific requirements and objectives that it's my job to pass on, and then work out either options or a recommended approach for them to meet their objectives. This can be for anything from small changes on their existing sites that may last a few days, to new website build that can be several months of work.

What career path did you take to get here?

Many moons ago my first career goal was to work in sports administration, until I did, and realised it wasn't for me!

While I was still working for a sports team, I applied for various postgraduate degrees and ended up coming to Edinburgh to study design and digital media. I was keen to get into the digital world somehow, and ended up getting an account executive job at another small agency in Edinburgh not long after finishing my degree.

What makes you excited to come to work?

Working in digital is exciting to me because of how far it's come since I started in the industry around 10 years ago. I like to think about how much it can change in the next 10 years too.

How do you find the work-life balance at Storm?

Storm supports people by offering different flexible working policies such as a 9 day fortnight, or starting earlier in the day if you need or prefer to.

I find that working from home during the pandemic has really helped me find my own happy medium of work-life balance. Going forward working remotely will help me keep up with life admin while working.

How have you grown at Storm?

I've actually learned a lot about how I work best. Professionally, being exposed to so many different digital projects has involved daily learning. I've learned to take things from whichever approaches worked best in previous projects, and how to apply that for the future.