Lead Business Analytics Consultant
January 2010
John Hughes

Get to know John

Can you describe in a few sentences what your job involves?

I create service reporting and data visualisations and plan measurement frameworks for digital services. I'll frequently be called on to audit clients' Google Analytics accounts, as well as website cookie usage to help ensure cookie policies are full and accurate.

I also consult with clients around their business objectives and KPIs, and work with them to ensure compliance with various data obligations such as GDPR.

What career path did you take to get here?

Weirdly, my first jobs were in the leisure industry, in the management of bingo halls. These gave me a good appreciation for marketing and user needs – a bingo hall customer is not afraid to let you know when things are not perfect!

I got my break in digital around the turn of the Millennium. I worked in SEO, including running my own agency for a while, before joining Storm as Head of SEO in 2010.

Since then I have taken ownership of the analytics function and the last few years have been spent growing those services at Storm.

What's been your most rewarding project?

The Census Outputs website for National Records of Scotland was the first project I have been involved in to be fully assessed against the Digital First Service Standard, which was a little stressful.

However, the project was assessed very favourably, and we had some really excellent and positive feedback around the analytics work. The client was delightful to work with and it was great to have our processes and work validated.

How do you find the work-life balance at Storm?

Storm is a great place to work if you need slightly flexible working hours or practices. My working pattern is rather normal, i.e. 9-5-ish most days, but I enjoy the flexibility to be able to start earlier or finish earlier when I need to.

Having worked exclusively from home since the start of the pandemic, I have not had to worry about the 70-minute each-way commute either!

What makes you excited to come to work?

Working with such a talented and diverse team at Storm makes every day exciting, challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

Also, many of the clients we work with provide useful or even critical services and I feel proud to contribute to their success.

Do you have any hidden talents or interesting hobbies?

I play in a grunge band called Metatone. I also play football for a community football club affiliated with Livingston FC. Owing to a football injury, I have a supporting metal plate in my wrist. My bandmates were not too impressed when I needed to get that done!