Front-end development team

Ryan Smith

Lead Front-end Developer

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About Ryan

Ryan is our lead front-end developer and has been with the front-end team since its creation in 2012.

Working on the client-side of coding, he brings initial ideas to life and translates them into beautiful user-focused websites. What he loves most about being a front-end developer at Storm is the flexibility to try out new technologies and methodologies rather than being stuck in old ways. He also uses a Mac (shhh!).

When Ryan's not busy fixing the JavaScript issues that left the rest of us scratching our heads, you'll find him winning at Pokémon decks or unwrapping his latest futuristic Amazon purchase. If he could be a Star Wars character he'd totally go for… (turns out Ryan has never watched Star Wars, but if he could be someone famous he'd be Alan Partridge).

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The front-end development team

Our front-end developers work closely with the UX and design teams, forming the creative department at Storm ID. This collaboration means that they're involved in every part of a project, from conception to delivery.

People who thrive in the front-end team are creative heads with a love of coding. Our developers come from a diverse range of backgrounds. You don't necessarily need a university degree in development to join our team. We're looking for motivated people that show great potential and have the right mind-set.

To get a feel for the kind of projects the front-end development team work on, check out some examples of Storm's work