Web operations team

Kevin Gray

Head of Web Operations

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About Kevin

Kevin, or DJ AcKev as he's also known in certain circles, is our head of web operations here at Storm. Kevin ensures the smooth running of numerous web platforms and is involved in pretty much every single project that comes through our doors.

Many would agree that Kevin is the heart and soul of Storm — if he's not fixing super-urgent technical emergencies, he's keeping up spirits in the office with one of his infamous music playlists that would wake up even the sleepiest of Monday mornings. Being unbeaten TED-talk-master and (almost unbeaten) table tennis champion, Kevin is always up and ready to face any challenge and never fails to brighten up our days.

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The web operations team

Our web operations team ensures the smooth running of every website we support, making sure our clients' web platforms are tested, up and running at all times and performing optimally. They don't give up on solving even the trickiest of challenges until the problem is fixed.

People who thrive in the web operations team are technically skilled individuals with an eye for detail, who bring a lot of dedication to getting their heads around fiddly problems. If solving a Rubik's cube is your idea of bliss, you're our (wo)man!

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