Digital design team

Jason Kennedy

Creative Director

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About Jason

Jason is our Creative Director here at Storm. He joined us over eleven years ago, when we were much smaller than we are today, and he has seen the company grow and evolve ever since.

Jason and his team of digital designers are our go-to point when the task in hand requires a creative head. Our designers are all about creative problem solving — finding the right solution for the user. If you think this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

Jason can usually be found at 10:25 am next to the coffee machine in our breakout area where he's always happy to have a cappuccino and a chat (in that order).

Digital design team

The digital design team is responsible for any tasks related to interface design. Designers at Storm can work on anything from small, experimental ideas through to large scale web projects.

As Jason explains in his video, a typical design process usually starts with user needs, pencil and paper. After that, ideas are translated into the digital world using code. Designers at Storm design iteratively in the browser, from initial sketches through to prototyping, and on to the development build. This enables them to rapidly respond to evolving project requirements such as content specifications and leads to a more integrated design approach. Don't be scared though — the complicated code gets taken care of by our front-end developers.

To get a feel for the kind of projects the digital design team work on, check out some examples of Storm's work