Back-end development team

Geoff Stockham

Chief Technical Architect

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About Geoff

Geoff works in the development team and is our chief technical architect.

He joined Storm from the NHS back in 2006 when we only had about 15 employees. He was quite a catch so we're pleased to report that he's stuck with us throughout the years.

Geoff has a background in Physics and holds a PhD in superconductivity from St. Andrews. This led him to spend some time researching new instruments for keyhole surgery. His world was turned upside in 2000 by the first .NET framework release (whose wasn't?) and he completely refocused his work towards web development.

At Storm, Geoff mainly works on back-end development. What he loves most about working here is the variety of clients and the opportunity to work in an industry with such a fast pace of change.

When he’s not behind a keyboard, Geoff spends his time singing in barbershop quartets, or with the Rolling Hills Chorus with whom he has performed in two Edinburgh Fringe shows!

Three colleagues have a discussion near their desks, while another two work at theirs.

The back-end development team

The back-end development team at Storm is responsible for developing solutions for our clients using technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Umbraco, Sharepoint, iOS and Android.

We pride ourselves on writing high-quality code that is understood by others, has tests, and runs within any performance requirements. We utilise DevOps processes and tools to ensure rapid delivery and we work hard to eliminate technical debt.

The team is bursting with specialists who are experts in their fields, whether you're looking for someone who knows their stuff on search, mobile, CMS or even machine learning.

Members of the team enjoy learning new technologies and bring a wealth of knowledge from their outside interests into our work.

To get a feel for the kind of projects the development team work on, check out some examples of Storm's work