Meet some of our team


We know that a diverse workforce brings with it diverse ways of thinking, fresh perspectives and new approaches to solving problems.

We're committed to maintaining a workplace where equality and diversity are actively promoted so that we continue to build an amazing place to work.

Chelsey Contier

Digital content consultant

Chelsey is a digital content consultant. She focuses on the strategy for content that goes into the websites we make here at Storm.

Chelsey came to Storm from the USA — Boston, MA to be more specific. She studied English Communications then came to Edinburgh to complete a masters degree in design and digital media. She considers Edinburgh a magical place so decided to stay.

Chelsey is a keen listener, skilled in understanding everyone’s perspectives. Considering different viewpoints is crucial for the work she does, the teams she works with and the users who end up engaging with what Storm creates.

She loves being outdoors, roaming the quieter hillsides and beaches near Edinburgh. If not outside, she's probably in the kitchen baking something tasty, or keeping her hands busy with knitting.

Chelsey believes that content strategy is a growing and developing field and that more people will start to embrace a content-first approach. "Content is king" is something you hear in content circles, and she expects we'll start hearing it more in boardrooms and workshops in the future.

Gareth Cheeseman

Web test analyst

As a web test analyst, Gareth tests clients' websites to ensure they work as they should across different browsers and devices. This includes automated and manual tests.

Before joining Storm ID, Gareth worked in the heritage sector for 10 years. Having always been interested in technology, he thought it was time for a change, so took a few Open University courses in subjects such as algorithms, data structures and computability, object-oriented programming, mathematics and statistics.

The work Gareth does helps make sure that users have great products to use, and that clients are reassured they have quality software that meets user needs.

When he’s not testing websites, Gareth spends much of his time cycling. Nothing too frenetic, just exploring the UK's vast network of country lanes for a few hours.

Gareth reckons that in the future we’ll see a rapid increase in automation. With technologies such as AI, machine learning and bots taking over mundane jobs, this will free people up to be more entrepreneurial and creative.

Amandine Eap

Web developer

Amandine works as a web developer at Storm. She develops web applications using Microsoft technologies and DevOps methods.

Amandine started out studying sound engineering in Paris, and then began work as a freelance sound engineer and music event promoter. Looking for new challenges, she went on to study a range of different subjects from management accounting, to events management, and finally web development.

Her passion for programming has lead to her volunteering for, and running, CoderDojos (youth coding clubs), which she hosts right here at Storm HQ. She hopes these workshops will help to cement the future of coding in Scotland.

Amandine reckons there is always more to learn and try in life, and she believes passionately that education and lifelong learning are important to all our futures.

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